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Power Factor Correction Saves Department Store

Department Store Power Factor Correction

We were contacted by one of the major high street chain stores in regards to how our power factor correction equipment could help them improve their site efficiency and save them a substantial amount of money annually.

After carrying out a site survey it was decided that power factor correction when implemented would save them the most money annually. We presented them with our predictions about how much we could save them both energy wise and cost wise.

The major department store couldn’t believe just how much we could save them and thus they went ahead with the power factor correction installation and when this was completed and in full working order it only took 7 months for the savings to cover the cost of the power factor correction equipment and the installation!

How much annually did we save them?

  • £11,448.00
  • 28.4 Tons Co2
  • 23555 kW/h site
  • 52892 kW/h including transmission

The power factor correction equipment benefitted them because it removed all their Reactive Power Charges and reduced their Amps per phase by 320Amps. In addition to this we were able to reduce their demand by 230 kVA which all helped to improve utility.

This particular site is one of many which we have improved for a major high street chain of department stores  who has a commitment to energy saving and carbon reduction, their main criteria was on ROI which was achieved within just 7 months.

The project included the supply and install of new power factor correction equipment to achieve and overall electrical efficiency of around 99% from a poor 79% which was present at our initial survey and prior to power factor correction being implemented. The results returned the above savings and an ROI of less than one year and so we have another happy customer.

If you want to make savings on your energy bills then come to PES Group Ltd call us on 01695 559785 or email post@pesgroupltd.co.uk.  

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