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Voltage Optimisation Provides Perfect Solution for Hotel Chain

Power Efficient Systems Ltd received a customer query which came from a hotel chain,they were looking into our EnergyAce voltage optimisation and wondered whether it would be suitable for them.

After reviewing their energy bills it was decided that voltage optimisation would help them to lower their overall energy consumption and their carbon footprint whilst saving them money on their energy bills. This particular hotel consists of 80 rooms and these operate for a full 365 days each year! There is a base load which consists of lighting circuits containing metal halide, fluorescent lights and HPS fixtures as well as air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, refrigeration and more!

The hotel was paying over the odds in energy bills and so they wanted an immediate solution which would save energy but one which wouldn’t mean there had to be reconstruction or changes to the hotel infrastructure. EnergyAce voltage optimisation was the chosen route to tackle their problems and this would allow for the voltage to be stabilised which would result in extended lifetime of plant equipment and therefore reduce maintenance costs.

In addition to the above benefits the system also managed to achieve the following savings annually:

  • £3,369.00
  • 22.62 Tons Co2
  • 42,120 kW/h site
  • 15.6% Direct Energy Saving

The total cost of installing the equipment would see a return on investment in less than 3 years so it was worthwhile for them to implement. Once the equipment was installed they benefitted from reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance costs, remote monitoring, remote voltage control, changeover switch and they did their bit for the environment in reducing the size of their carbon footprint.

If you want to make savings then look into our voltage optimisation equipment as it really will reduce your energy costs, lower your carbon footprint and increase the lifetime of plant equipment.

For more information then please call Power Efficient Systems Ltd on 01695 559785 or email post@pesgroupltd.co.uk.

22nd March 2012, 13:50
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